[Marxism] Cops strike, clash with "Iraqi" troops over opposition to occupation

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Thu Mar 3 21:27:57 MST 2005

Iraqi Police Go on Strike against US Occupation (PL) 

Prensa Latina, Havana http://www.plenglish.com 

Iraqi Police Officials go on Strike Against US Occupation 

Baghdad, Mar 3 (Prensa Latina) Police officials from Salaheddin Iraqi
northern province went on strike protesting against the burst-in of US
militaries into this armed body's central garrison, reported press media

General Mizher Taha Ahmad told journalists the agents' decision what
clearly proved the disagreement between the occupying forces and the
local institute they built to control the country. 

According to the also Police commander in Salaheddin a US troops
detachment attacked the general garrison Wednesday destroying part of
the installation. 

Samarra's community Council resigned this Thursday protesting against
the presence of US militaries in the center of the city, capital of

The contradictory character between the police and the US troops was
also 'revealed in the relations between the agents and the members of
the National Police trained by the occupying forces to confront the

A group of soldiers from the National Police arrested this Thursday in
Villa de Baquda, 60 kilometers north of the capital, police lieutenant
Sabah Hamil Taleb. 

Taleb was accused of collaborating with the resistance sending them
detailed information on the operations to be developed, the captors


Some Iraqi Police Seen as Traitors by Both the Pentagon and Resistance 

Baghdad, Mar 3 (Prensa Latina) The Iraqi Police is now caught in a
cross-fire for the rebel hostility it has been dealing with from the
very beginning of the US invasion is now joined by the US military. 

An official source reported twin attacks early this morning with car
bombs on the building that hosts the Interior Ministry for a toll of
five dead and another five wounded policemen. 

Later on, the head of the Police in Baquba, Mozafar Mohamed, suffered
light head wounds in another attack from the resistance operating in
this Sunni area with a car bomb set off next to his car. 

These attacks signal the violent escalation past the January 30
elections and confirm the resistance tactics to erase the image of
stability and control both the Pentagon and the Iraqi interim government
strive to project. 

But to cap it all, police officers at the Iraqi northern province of
Salaheddin went on strike because US military stormed into their
headquarter causing partial destruction. 

Gen. Mizher Taha Ahmad, commander of the local police, told the media
that the move shows total disagreement between his institution and US
military whom without an explanation confiscated their weapons and
arrested two officers. 

Clashes between the police and US-trained Iraqi National Guard are
another example. This Thursday the NG arrested Police Lt. Sahab Hamil
Taleb, charged with collaborating with the resistance by providing
detailed information on future operations. 


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