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steve heeren tzsche at shaw.ca
Fri Mar 4 13:02:01 MST 2005


1) okay, back to your original question, then. this, in brief:

the US was the main instigator of the earlier phases of the "war on 
drugs" (nixon's term c. 1968), in particular the 1907 (?) Commission on 
heroin and coca  which led to the international interdiction of those 
substances by 1909, especially in Shanghai and Singapore (South east 
asia?  per your query) But the USA's focus was (and still is) on the 
supply side, and only rarely looking into the demand side (except by its 
lunatic policy of drug and alcohol PROHIBITION). this was and is a very 
good excuse to be intervening in the affairs of other countries 
throughout the globe where such substances are grown (think marijuana 
here, too) so your question is hard to answer in any easy way. just 
google a few relevant terms for good histories. Also Mike Gray's _Drug 
Crazy_ is very worthwhile.  

2) as for marijuana use in the US here is a real giveaway:  US Sen. 
Orrin Hatch (very rightwing Republican from Utah) recommended a parental 
pamphlet on marijuana use by kids, which identifies as warning signs of 
dope use:  "excessive preoccupation with social issues, race relations, 
environmental issues, etc."  no wonder weed use gets under their skin!

steve heeren

Calvin Broadbent wrote:

> Hi,
> Why not. Cannabis tends to make a person lazy, unmotivated, and 
> dull-witted. But only in large doses.
> I would appreciate it if someone could remark on my original query.
> cheers.

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