[Marxism] Traumatic Brain Injury

Edward Crawford tcrawford at revhist.datanet.co.uk
Fri Mar 4 14:42:54 MST 2005

A growing number of U.S. troops whose body armor helped them survive bomb
and rocket attacks are suffering brain damage as a result of the blasts.
It's a type of injury some military doctors say has become the signature
wound of the Iraq war.

This has been a general tendency for quite some time. Because of advances in
medical knowledge the proportion of dead to severely disabled is falling,
there are far more paraplegics nowadays as opposed to fatalities as a result
of military action. And that is not always be an improvement for the
dependents of the casualty, even if that may sound cold, harsh and grim. A
friend of mine going off to fight as an infantry officer in the Falklands
war in 1982 had his wife (a soldier's daughter) say to him as she kissed him
good-bye "Come back in one piece ***** or don't come back at all". She knew
you see even if you may find this a somewhat Spartan attitude. (Yes, they
are still happily married - perhaps realism is good basis for marriage.) But
war is an extremely unpleasant and terrifying business at the sharp end, (as
a matter of fact one of his subalterns did suffer a permanent brain injury.)
And the lads and lasses in the US Forces know that too -  and thus the
crisis of recruitment of the soldiers and National Guard. Not that these
emotions will ever bother the neo-con sofa samurai and the Great Draft
Evader himself.

Ted Crawford

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