[Marxism] Re: America is No. 1 and brief initial response to Dick Fidler

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Fri Mar 4 20:41:00 MST 2005

Yoshie is right that the formulations are insulting to US working people
-- really typical "let's all sneer at the red states" snobbery.  But I
thought the statistics themselves deserved to be the center of
attention, not polemicizing with another liberal jerk.

Stansfield should read through the items more carefully.  Many of them
are about the declining position of US corporations in competition with
European imperialism/imperialisms.  Quite striking actually. This is one
of the problems that the increasingly aggressive US military stance is
intended to counter, but is not accomplishing.  Inter-imperialist
competition is a factor and currently it is evolving against Washington.
Cuba 's switch toward the Euro from the dollar was also an indication of
this change.

Finally, I was struck by Dick Fidler's suggestion that China's desire to
regain control of the US protectorate/economic-military export platform
in Taiwan is an expression of Great Han Chauvinism.  I think China has
become a nation, not simply a tribal fief, as this term -- popular in
certain imperialist circles these days -- suggests.  And I think that
the Chinese fight to expel the US imperialists from Taiwan, which would
remove THE obstacle to reunification, is progressive as was the fight to
regain Hong Kong and Macao. 

I think it's quite possible to defend oppressed national groups like the
Tibetans or the Muslims in Sinkiang without adopting the lingo of
imperialist Han-baiting, which attempts to deny the existence as a real
oppressed nation with a right to end that oppression. And it is as an
oppressed nation that China has and is quite aware of certain practical
and material common interests with Iran, Cuba, North Korea, and others
-- which go right along with all the capitalist wheeling and dealing and
so on, cynical stabs in the back, and all the rest. This would be true
even if China was NOT a country where capitalism had been overturned,
which it is.

As I noted earlier, I believe that capitalist rule and economic
relations have not been definitively restored in China. The importance
of this theoretical issue, which in itself can be debated  for a long
time without much harm done, becomes much more life-and-death if the
conclusion that China is capitalist leads us to the conclusion that
China is an imperialist enemigo de la humanidad.  That would give the
theoretical debate a much sharper practical character. 
Fred Feldman

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