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Fri Mar 4 21:04:23 MST 2005

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> 2) as for marijuana use in the US here is a real giveaway:  US Sen. Orrin 
> Hatch (very rightwing Republican from Utah) recommended a parental 
> pamphlet on marijuana use by kids, which identifies as warning signs of 
> dope use:  "excessive preoccupation with social issues, race relations, 
> environmental issues, etc."  no wonder weed use gets under their skin!

And that from a guy who believes that the Book of Mormon, not to mention the 
Bible is the Word of God. I'll trade pot for whatever he is doing!!!

Now on this particular question, I believe the great American organic 
sociologist, George Carlin has the biggest word:

"We should legalize pot and ban alcohol. When was the last time you saw two 
stoned guys fight?"

And a graphic zinger:


(its a JPG, the TXT is to get around the geocities block on graphics not 
attached to pages)


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