[Marxism] America No. 1?

Edward Crawford tcrawford at revhist.datanet.co.uk
Sat Mar 5 02:14:54 MST 2005

Joaquín Bustelo correctly points out

There is no clearer illustration of the moral and cultural collapse of the
United States than the its complete inability to penetrate al Qaeda and
similar groups.

Without wishing to argue with him about Cuba I think this is very
interesting. The "brotherhoods" are damnably difficult to penetrate, to join
you have to marry the sister of a member or marry your sister to a member,
that kind of thing, join the family, very tight. The only people I know who
have penetrated the Brotherhoods, the case was more than 20 years ago, was
in France by the Trotskyist group Lutte Ouvriere. The circumstances were
interesting, there was a strike in, I think the Peugeot factories, with many
Mahgrebin workers. This was denounced by the French Prime Minister at the
time as led by Muslim extremists (clearly he had been told by the DST who
thought that). But apparently LO won over key members (perhaps a couple of
key families) with the arguments about winning the strike through spreading
it to other ethnic groups. (Was that what used to be called "workers
unity"?) To do that though they had to have people on the shop floor working
in Peugeot, not SWP "colonists" but a few people already there because they
had to be. In their very "underground" style and clandestine behaviour LO
did not demand, or of course get, the credit. I have my differences with LO
but they are in some ways a very impressive organisation even if, at the
moment, my mates within it tell me that it is becoming more difficult as the
bosses get rid of the older people recruited in the 70s, - it is same
everywhere - and the big factories close.

So Marxists can do it, but not by stressing ethnic differences as so many do
on this list in what I regard as very North American "political correctness"
and guilt-tripping. But it is still very very difficult. Anyway the CIA is
hopeless at it. Good.
Ted Crawford

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