[Marxism] Re: Imperialist storm troopers kill Italian spook, wound release

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JnB> [I feel sorry for the woman reporter, not just because she is a
JnB> communist, but as for her intelligence agency guard, I think it's a
JnB> case of chickens coming home to roost. And I agree with Malcolm X on
JnB> that one.]

   It is being reported that this "intelligence" agency person, Nicola  
Cappellari, tried to protect Giuliana Sgrena with his body against the  

   I find it quite interesting that Silvio Berlusconi felt compelled  
to make a sharp declaration and to summon the US ambassador for an  

   Italy takes part in the occupation of Iraq with a contingent of  
3000 solidiers; Berlusconi has been one of the staunchest European  
supporters of the US war.

   The mobilizations in Italy in support of Italians taken hostage in  
Iraq have always been a protest against this troop presence, and a  
demand for their withdrawa. After this incident, the pressure with  
certainly increase; it remains to be seen if it will be sufficient to  
force a change in the Iralian governments support for the occupation.

   As to the incident itself, the car with Sgrena was driving on the  
highway to the airport, and because of the well known dangerous nature  
of that route, certainly at high speed. It must also have been quite  
dark already, so that it is quite possible that the driver did not  
recognize a US military checkpoint as such instead of an ambush of  
anti-occupation forces.

   On the other hand, when this road is so dangerous, I wonder if US  
military checkpoints are really a regular feature on that road; a  
stationary checkpoint would be a much easier target for the insurgents  
than a fast moving military konvoi.

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