[Marxism] America No. 1?

rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 5 06:03:42 MST 2005

Several questions come to mind reading Joaquin's offering:

1. How do any of these "traits" of  US capitalism differ from the
historical traits of US capitalism during its period of ascent?  The
same ignorance, racism, cultural insularity, parochialism exist, and
dominate throughout US history.  So why now are these characteristics
indexes to decline and bankruptcy?

2. How do any of these traits of US capitalism differ from the traits of
capitalism worldwide?  Are we to regard the UK's, France's, Germany's ,
Spain's, Japan's, or everybody's once and future king, China's,
capitalism as morally and culturally superior?  Gee, thanks, but no

3. It's all very nice and liberal for Joaquin to say that some of his
best friends are Americans, but would he let his daughter marry one?

4. Right now the US is not kept afloat but foreign flows of capital.
The US is kept afloat by the superior profitability of its corporations,
a function of its superior ability to exploit its domestic working
class.  You can look it up.

5.  Why would anyone think that al Qaeda has not been, wasn't, is not
now penetrated, if not owned and operated, by the US?  The
Saudi/Pakistan ISI connection to al Qaeda is well known.  The
stonewalling of all inquiries into 9/11 by the Bush administration
should make the direct connection to the US painfully clear.

6. Reproposing the old notion, floated of course during America's
ascent, that working class is completely absorbed into the reproduction
of American barbarism,  politically indistinguishable from the ruling
class is now, as it was then,  a measure of the "left's" own
one-dimensionality, not that of the working class.


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