[Marxism] A Modest Proposal (Re: America No. 1?)

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat Mar 5 16:28:09 MST 2005

Carrol wrote, "What would happen if there in fact were no grade records?
Let's take the example that is always thrown up when 'reducing
standards' is at issue: Would you want a neurosurgeon to operate on you
if Med schools didn't give grades?  What would happen is that each
hospital would have to take direct and continuing responsibility for the
competence of each of the surgeons who utilized its facilities. And it
in turn would rigorously train and continuously monitor the performance
of the (non-degreed) surgeons operating on its premises. Medical care
would almost immediately improve. If it didn't, there would be actual
lynchings of hospital administrators."

You might remember when they reduced requirements for teaching a range
of subjects in high schools and grade schools.  Basically, the schools
were too damned cheap to hire teachers and the classrooms got larger and
larger, so they resolved the problem by hiring people with less
credentials and reducing what was required to teach.  (A few years ago,
there were states where you don't even need a college degree to teach
there...while we have so many college graduates that just can't get
their foot in the door teaching.)  

When you talk about substantive reforms of these major institutions
while keeping the rudiments of capitalism, you can't make assumptions
that things "would" happen in a positive way.  Indeed, in these
parameters, I'd be very surprised if there's any reform of these major
institutions that can't and won't be applied and managed in such a way
that cuts right across your intended goal and sustains the values and
hierarchies of the society around us.

Mark L.

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