[Marxism] Attack on the Workers of Zanon, Argentina

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Sat Mar 5 20:16:33 MST 2005

(Zanon is an occupied factory in Argentina. The workers there were
threatened by anonymous phone calls earlier this week. Now there
has been an actual physical attack, as detailed by the workers'
press release.  Uncorrected translation)
Press Release from the Zanon Workers March 4, 2005 
The wife of a worker at Zanon has been kidnapped and beaten.
This morning, the wife of a comrade in the Zanon factory was 
kidnapped and assaulted. According to her statement, made at the 
Public Prosecutor’s office: today at 11:30 a.m., when she was leaving
work in the city of Centenario, four men in a green Falcon forced her 
to get in. "We know where you work, we know your husband works in Zanon, 
and that you leave your son with your mother-in-law."  With those words, 
the kidnappers began their attack on her and specified that the message 
was for Godoy, López, Pedrero, and the rest of the members of the Ceramic 
Workers Union. The verbal threats we have repeatedly received recently 
have now progressed to physical violence. "This has to do with the Zanon 
factory," they told her while they were torturing her with a sharp cutting 
     They struck her in the face and they cut her face, her chest 
and her arms. The wife of the Zanon worker also said that while they 
were assaulting her, the men warned her, "It’s going to be very bloody 
for the union," and they said they had to cut her face, because it had 
to be bloody when she returned to the members of the union. The kidnappers 
threatened all the Zanon unionists when they told her "If the unionists 
were unwilling to leave the ceramics factory, we would all have to live 
there, because they were going to kill us all on the street, and someone 
was going to die."
         We workers at Zanon understand  that this represents the 
continued escalation of threats against defense counsel del Niño, 
the deputy  Jesús Escobar and against the workers of Zanon. We 
understand that this began with a speech by Manganaro, the provincial 
Minister of Security and Labor, when the new gang of police assumed 
their duties at the end of last year. On that occasion, the Minister 
was clear when he labeled those of us who oppose and struggle against 
the policies of the Sobisch government as "criminals." He used military 
language, calling the workers who demonstrated "irregular troops," 
that the police had to chase. Yesterday the same Minister claimed that 
this whole situation had to do with a conspiracy by SIDE, based on an 
anonymous accusation by former agents of SIDE in the legislature.
        We workers of Zanon have not ruled out any explanation. 
During this tense situation we are very near a resolution of the 
conflict at Zanon and we have many possibilities of finding a 
favorable outcome, after three years of struggle and workers’ 
management. But those in power and the absent entrepreneurs are
not going to surrender easily. They are using these tactics borrowed 
from the dark years of the dictatorship to try to break us and 
defeat us. Therefore, today more than ever, we reaffirm our commitment 
to struggle, and we reaffirm that regardless of the source of these 
threats and aggressive acts, the responsibility for what is happening to us, 
to our families and to all the fighters in Neuquén, rests with Governor 
Jorge Sobisch. We are calling all organizations to a meeting 
tomorrow, Saturday, at 11 a.m. in the Sindicato de Judiciales (SEJUN) 
to decide what steps to take. 
Raúl Godoy, Secretario General: (0299) 154-052657
Alejandro López, Secretario Gremial: (0299) 154-016923
Carlos Acuña, Secretario de Prensa y Difusión: (0299) 155-837111
Mariano Pedrero, abogado Sindicato ceramista: (0299) 154-013849
_www.obrerosdezanon.org_ (http://www.obrerosdezanon.org/) 
_prensaobrerosdezanon at neunet.com.ar_ 

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