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mk> For no extended period has Taiwan been an integral part of the
mk> mainland economy.

   That may reverse by force of all the investments from Taiwan in  
mainland China.

mk> Chinese descendants in Taiwan today have ceased to
mk> be part of the Chinese nationality in much the same way as British
mk> descendants in North America stopped being part of the British
mk> nationality despite the "blood" connection and the common language.

   I don't think so. There has not been a victorious struggle by  
Taiwan to get rid of Chinese domination, not colonial liberation. On  
the contrary, the separate existence of Taiwan is due to the  
Kuomintang government which took refuge there and claimed sovereignty  
over all of China; something which the USA never did in regard to  

   Remember that Taiwan held the seat of China in the UNO and held  
veto power in the US security council, until the success of the  
Vietnamese liberation struggle forced the US to reverse its stance  
against China.

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