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RF> By referring to Han chauvinism, I meant to indicate that BeijingÆs
RF> claims to Taiwan might be motivated by factors other than a
RF> revolutionary desire to free an oppressed nation from the clutches of
RF> imperialism. As you know, there is an internal national question
RF> within China ù in fact, more than one national question ù the most
RF> notorious being that of Tibet. Beijing has not been particularly
RF> successful at overcoming that national oppression.

   The relationship between Chinese and the Tibetan and Turk peoples  
in the West of China have been quite different over the centuries than  
those with the Han people living in Taiwan.

RF> Revolutionary nationalists in those oppressed nations within China
RF> believe that great Han chauvinism (their term) is part of the
RF> problem. Is it inconceivable that this might be a factor in
RF> BeijingÆs motivation vis-a-vis the Taiwanese question?

   It is not the non-Han people in Taiwan who are pressing for  
formalizing independence to get rid of great-Han chauvinism; that  
would be directed against the Han majority actually leading the  

   Independently of that, the ruling group in Beijing is probably not  
motivated solely by a deep love of their countrymen in Taiwan and the  
desire to free them from imperialist yoke, but that does not change my  
attitude towards the question.

RF> More importantly, I suggested that some consideration should be given
RF> to how the inhabitants of Taiwan today approach this question.

   Looking at the opinion of the inhabitants of the Malvinas islands  
or of Gibraltar, what does that change our attitude towards those  
colonial leftovers?

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