[Marxism] America No. 1?

Michael Sims mjsbpmagen-mxmail at yahoo.fr
Sun Mar 6 06:14:51 MST 2005

Joaquín Bustelo wrote:
> Yoshie writes: "I think that this type of education-crisis mongering tends
> to have an effect similar to social-security-crisis mongering, which is to
> say, to help destroy the program in the name of saving it."
> Half of the U.S. population is so well educated that they believe an
> invisible, all-powerful, all-knowing being created the world 5,000 years ago
> and did stuff like put all those dinosaur bones in the ground to test our.......

I welcome Joaquín's provocative remarks! (and the robust rebuttals!).

It really brings thoughts down to where they should be focussed : on 
normal people and the worker in particular.

Rising out of this thread we see ignorance and prejudice arising - and 
that is good so that we can deal with them and draw the consequences:

Here and there, on both sides of the Atlantic/Pacific/Rio Grande 
divides there is ignorance of what is really going on in workers's 
struggles, initiatives and the circumstances under which they take place 
on either side of these divides.

Here on this list and elsewhere we must do more to comuunicate to others 
what is going on. Even the WSWS site is hardly overflowing with such 
info, but instead, as elsewhere, devotes most time to analysing 
bourgoise politics - as if it will be that which will bring about a 

When workers hear about workers' struggles elsewhere, they are 
encouraged. If European, Asian and African workers heard more about the 
US workers' conditions and struggles they would be further encouraged - 
vice versa applies equally, of course.

Joaquín's remarks have provoked comrades to give more information and 
self-reflection than I have heard for a long time - normally we are 
discussing places and people we reall don't _know_ and otherwise being a 
bit abstract.

Now what is need is for comrades to sign up to 
<http://groups.yahoo.com/group/UK_Left_Network/> and share their views 
there. For example, by criticising the futility of the biggest demo in 
the UK history, against the war, but which had not been planned as part 
of a greater campaign of political action (strikes etc).

To plan industrial and other political action on both sides of the 
Atlantic/Pacific/Rio Grande divides - in solidarity.

Workers of the world unite!


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