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LW>    As to the incident itself, the car with Sgrena was driving on the
LW> highway to the airport, and because of the well known dangerous
LW> nature of that route, certainly at high speed. It must also have been
LW> quite dark already, so that it is quite possible that the driver did
LW> not recognize a US military checkpoint as such instead of an ambush
LW> of anti-occupation forces.
LW>    On the other hand, when this road is so dangerous, I wonder if US
LW> military checkpoints are really a regular feature on that road; a
LW> stationary checkpoint would be a much easier target for the
LW> insurgents than a fast moving military konvoi.

   According to Giuliana Sgrena, as related via various press reports,
the incident did not occur at a regular checkpoint, where the road is
blocked and cars have to circumvent various obstacles, but a simple
roadside patrol. And it happened about 700 meters before the airport.

   Also, that there were not a few single shots as one would expect
when a car is to be stopped, but a volley of about 300 shots.

   To me it is not yet clear if this was a lamentable incident or if
it was deliberate from the side of the US-occupation force, as
Sgrena's companion asserted, who was with her in the car.

   I think that the US-occupation authorities might have set up a trap
by placing this roadside patrol and telling neither the Italians about
this patrol nor the patrol about the Italians, and so mounting the
incident in a way which would allow them to claim complete innocence
about the planned "accidental" killing of Giuliana Sgrena.

   The Italians said that the US-occupation authorities knew very well
about this journey, that they were informed officially and that even a
US military officer was waiting at the airport together with Italian

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