[Marxism] Is the struggle to unify China anexpressionof"Great Han chauvinism" today?

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sun Mar 6 11:04:30 MST 2005

"Carlos A. Rivera" wrote:
> And so some maoists today argue. On the other hand, there was such a thing
> as social-imperialism.

And of course the very use of the label, "Maoist," is in contradiction
to everything the CPC stood for -- at least prior to the invention of
the "Three-Worlds Theory." The Chinese were serious when they set "Mao
THOUGHT" beside "MarxISM-LeninISM."  The point was that Marxism was a
general theory of the capitalist epoch of history, Mao Thought was the
implementation of that general theory within the framework of a
particular national struggle. When as late as the early '70s a
University of Chicago physicist had an interview with Mao, Mao asked him
whether u.s. scientists differentiated theory and thought. Whatever one
things of that distinction, it was central to the Chinese Revolution --
Mao thought within the framework of marxism-leninism (theory).

Incidentally, I think it wouldn't hurt, and would eliminate some very
anachronistic flame wars, if we started talking not of the theory of
Lenin or Trotsky or Luxemberg, but kept "theory" to apply to Marx &
Engels, thought to subsequent marxist revolutionaries.


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