[Marxism] Short note from Walter in Tlatelolco, Mexico

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Sun Mar 6 17:44:36 MST 2005

Thanks again to the ever-vigilent Kelly at NY Transfer 
who is co-moderator of CubaNews list. This is Walter 
who is passing through Mexico City on the way back to
Los Angeles on Monday. Mexico City is a nice transition
back to Los Angeles. It's a Spanish-speaking country and
one which is not blockading Cuba. This afternoon I went
to an outdoor art show. Lots of nice work to see but as
far as I could see, nothing which cried out to be placed
on my walls at home, what few are left.

In Cuba you can purchase bootleg CDs on the street for
$2-2.50 per disk on small stands or racks operated by a
single individual or two. They might have 75 to 100 CDs
to choose from. Here in Mexico, as I've noticed before,
bootleg CDs are a gigantic business with public booths
at outdoor fairs offering many hundreds of selections
in well-made fake covers. You can ask the vendors to
play samples for you and they happily oblige. 

The air here is dryer than in Cuba, and the altitude 
here helps. I'm using a public internet cafe near the
home of the friends with whom I'm staying. It hasn't
been possible to hook up my own computer, but that has
not been a problem. I learned about a terrific program
here called mail2web.com which allows anyone to access
their own e-mail from any computer with internet access.

My Earthlink webmail allows me to see ten messages at a
time. mail2web allows me to see all of my messages on a
single page. There are over three hundred messages on my
server, and I can see them all on a single page. Free.

Enough for the moment.

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews
live in Tlatelolco, Mexico

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Subject: [CubaNews] Re: Notify about your e-mail - VIRUS: IGNORE!


Luckily, this Yahoo group is set up to remove attachments, or
the attached worm would have been sent on to members of the group.

This is a classic forgery, as a look at the full headers will
reveal (it does not actually come from a Yahoo IP address). Yahoo
does not send Yahoo Groups mail of this sort to its users; it never
even tells the group moderators when they have screwed up their
mail servers so that half the members can no longer receive or
send mail. The illiterate language ("to continue receiving mail in
these days") is another tip-off.  So is the signature, the "Yahoo
Groups Team," the same signature that is used on forged messages sent
to various users of ISPs with a similar text claiming that "your
e-mail account has been used to send spam" and "click here to
reconfigure your account security,"  etc...

If you receive such a message claiming to come from Yahoo with an
attachment, DO NOT CLICK ON ANY PROVIDED LINKS - they will take you
to a forged "Yahoo" page, and DO NOT OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS.  DELETE
the message immediately and purge your Trash.  Then, just to be
on the safe side, run your virus scanner.  Some worms and trojans
can be activated on Windoze machines even if you have not clicked
on anything.

NY Transfer News
co-Moderator, CubaNews

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