[Marxism] Black Book of Capitalism

Sologdin at aol.com Sologdin at aol.com
Sun Mar 6 18:17:21 MST 2005

gods, such books would have to be very long indeed to do justice to the 

some have suggested davis' *Late Victorian Holocausts* as a potential chapter 
one, and bill blum's *Killing Hope* as a possible contender for chapter two, 

IIRC, the methodology of the Courtois et al. Livre Noir was to aggregate all 
deaths under stalinism and say that they were all the fault of stalin, who = 
commienism, which = marx.  and therefore, the evil commies should be banned 
from french elections, or so.  i suspect, then, that a black book of capitalism 
(black book of colonialism is also in print somewhere) could use this kind of 
bad methodology as an argument reductio ad absurdum, or it could try to be 

anyone know about the french think-tank that sponsored the Black Book of 
Communism's research before harvard published the US edition, btw?


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