[Marxism] Re: Black Book of Capitalism

Michael Sims mjsbpmagen-mxmail at yahoo.fr
Mon Mar 7 09:00:20 MST 2005

Lueko Willms wrote:
> .    On  06.03.05
>   wrote  ian at ianpace.com (Ian Pace)
> IP> Schwarzbuch Kapitalismus, bu Robert Kurz.
> IP> Neither has been translated into English to the best of my
> IP> knowledge.
>    The US Library of Congress catalogue shows only German language  
> titles for author Kurz, Robert:
> http://catalog.loc.gov/cgi-bin/ 
> Pwebrecon.cgi?Search_Arg=Kurz%2C+Robert&Search_Code=NAME_&CNT=25&BROWS 
> E=1&HC=7&SID=
> IP> Has anyone read either or both of these books,
>    I haven't read anything by Kurz.

You probably have, Lüko, he runs this site: <http://www.exit-online.org>
which is in german, portuguese and spanish.

The translations of his works, which look _very_ interesting are mainly 
in spanish and portuguese, it seems to me - not surprisingly because he 
site also uses those languages.

I've found though this translation in english of an article by him for 
the "Neues Deutschland" (the old official newspaper of the GDR which 
still runs in Berlin and is close to the SED successor PDS) - a good 
nwspaper btw, given current standards.

"Annulling Debts as a Great Step":


p.s. Lüko - vielleicht können wir seine Werken übersetzen?

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