[Marxism] Re: Is the struggle to unify China an expression of "Great Han chauvinism" today?

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Given the rise of this independence movement on Taiwan, how should a 
Chinese revolutionist address it? 

By simply ruling out Taiwanese 
independence (Beijing?s policy) or by seeking to influence that movement 
in an anti-imperialist and pro-socialist direction, welcoming its 
appearance and doing whatever China can do to encourage it to abandon 
its reliance on U.S. imperialism ? dropping the sabre-rattling, 
encouraging trade between the two countries, working in alliance with 
the workers and peasants of Taiwan to build an anti-imperialist 
leadership that can supplant the bourgeois leadership of the present 
independence movement? But instead, there is every indication that 
Beijing has no such perspective, and has simply written off any prospect 
that the 22 million Taiwanese themselves might make a successful 
anti-imperialist revolution. The only Taiwanese with which Beijing 
consorts are those multibillionaire investors from the island who are 
now building sweatshops on the mainland.

Richard asks exactly the right question but gives the wrong answer based not on what a revolutionist should do, but on the current and future direction of the government in Beijing.

I would offer that revolutionists on both sides of the straits would want to establish unity in action and in national configuration because, for Taiwan, there can be no independence from advanced capitalism without economic integration into a revolutionary China, and for revolutionists on the mainland, revolutionary unity with Taiwan means the concerted resistance to exploitation in both Taiwan and the Quangdong,  opposing the exploitative unity, so to speak of the Taiwan bourgeoisie, and the nascent bourgeoisie on the mainland.

Yes, I think you have to rule out simple Taiwanese independence as something that cannot occur.


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