[Marxism] Re: [PEN-L] Of people and pets

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Mar 7 12:12:42 MST 2005

Max Sawicky (on pen-l):

>This is a great start, but what of classes
>within the mammalian kingdom?  Besides rich,
>middle, and poor, there are the lumpen strata
>and the ungoverned colonial wild.  Not to mention
>inter-species prejudice, but thankfully no
>discrimination on the basis of sexual preference.

Speaking of which:

The Gazette (Montreal, Quebec)
July 23, 1997, Wednesday, FINAL EDITION

Star contracts stipulate outlandish, pricey perks


When Jim Carrey was filming Ace Ventura 2, it wasn't enough that the 
producers hired his personal chef to feed him on the set. Carrey also 
demanded that a second cook be added to the payroll to look after the 
nutritional needs of his pet iguana. When the producers objected to 
subsidizing the reptile, Carrey compromised and agreed to split the cost.



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