[Marxism] U of Colorado Prez steps down

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon Mar 7 12:46:36 MST 2005

The President of the Univ. of Colorado is stepping down amidst "sex 
scandals" in the athletics department. She had already been under 
pressure after her statement that she would not seek action against Ward 
Churchill if a review showed no misconduct occured.

why a University President would have to step down even before any 
athletic officials were fired seems strange indeed.

University of Colorado President Resigns Amid Scandals

Published: March 7, 2005

The president of the University of Colorado submitted her resignation 
today amid allegations that the school's athletic department had used 
sex and alcohol as recruiting tools for its football program.

Elizabeth Hoffman, the president, told the university's board of regents 
this morning that she is stepping down effective June 30.


les schaffer

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