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When I first read this piece, the words that first came to my mind were: 
"self-indulgent, infantile, superficial, self-negating/impeaching" etc. 
This kind of "critique" is the kind that comes from those types of 
"progressives" that are typically narcissistic and isolated from real-world 
struggles that require substantive, biting, factual and "ruthless" (in the 
sense of the famous quote of Marx) critiques that materially advance these 
struggles forward--and do NOT give aid and comfort to the enemy. Why not 
mention the hypocrisy of the Pope working as a CIA asset (on internal 
affairs in Poland among other issues) while telling clergy and lay persons 
that they are not to "mix politics with their 'religious' duties"? Why not 
mention the hypocrisy of the Pope in telling Catholics to cop to and atone 
for their sins in confessional while systematically protecting molester 
priests, nuns and lay workers? And further, why not mention the 
machinations of the Catholic Church in cover-ups, abuse of discovery and 
refusal to assist victims of the Church-protected molesters in order to 
ward-off expensive and very revealing litigation?

My daughter was put in a Catholic school (no longer in it) at which she 
repeatedly got detentions. When she was six years old, I got a call that 
she was put on detention for calling Columbus a "fake" when they were 
celebrating "Columbus Day." I noted that my daughter used the term "fake" 
because she did not know how to say "genocidal maniac" yet. I asked the 
teacher a question: Suppose my daughter were Jewish and you were 
celebrating Hitler's birthday, would you understand how she might get 
upset?" The teacher said yes. Well, I said, my daughter is a Blackfoot 
Indian and your celebration of "Columbus Day" is for her what celebrating 
Hitler's birthday would be for a Jewish child.

When my daughter was seven, I got another call. Your daughter is on 
detention because she refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and 
repeat it. She said "it is all a bunch of damn lies and my daddy told me 
not to tell lies." I asked the teacher which part of the Pledge of 
Allegiance is true? Liberty and justice for all? One nation UNDER "God"? 
Allegiance to a piece of cloth? The U.S. is a "Republic"--in which the 
interests of anyone but the rich are "represented"? Indivisible nation? I 
noted to the teacher that my daughter had a point: "it is, all a bunch of 
damn lies..."

When my daughter was almost nine, she got detention for calling the Pope a 
"liar". She said that the "Pope tells us to confess our sins and then he 
protects the molester priests." I noted to the teacher that hypocrisy is a 
kind of lie and the Pope for sure was a hypocrite in how he and the Church 
hierarchy have handled the sexual abuse issues and potential litigation 
among other issues that I am prepared to discuss at any time.

My daughter's critique was far more substantive and penetrating than this 
piece on the 52 funniest things about the upcoming death of the Pope. Her 
critique was not self-impeaching and could not be so easily dismissed--her 
critique did not give aid and comfort to the enemy.

There is some food for thought here. I see some of these armchair 
"activists" and "cyber-warriors", that at least SEEM not to have produced 
or done much of substance, and yet are so certain and absolute about what 
is going on in, for example, Cuba (though they have never been there and do 
not speak Spanish) or what is going on in China (again though they have 
never been there and do not speak Chinese) or what is going on in Kerala 
(again the same applies), apparently showing little awareness of or concern 
for the real-world contradictions these societies face, the constraints 
they are operating under, the imperialist onslaughts they face daily, the 
historical legacies they have inherited, or, the aid and comfort to the 
enemy that some of these summarily asserted know-it-all polemics may 
engender. It SEEMS to me that many of these cyber warriors want to support 
revolution everywhere but where it is going on, or where it is going on 
exactly in their terms, and to make revolution everywhere but where they 
live and exist. I see in some of these polemics, evidence of the same types 
of data mining, cherry-picking, contrived syllogisms, quote-mongering, 
absolutism and shere arrogance and narcissism found on the right-wing also 
evident among some of these self-professed "progressives"(a concept often 
ill-defined or not defined at all).

Perhaps we all need to get a bit humble about what we really "know" and the 
basis upon which we "know" it and do a kind of gut check once in awhile and 
ask ourselves: "What if my assessment is incorrect? Who will be hurt and 
how? Who will benefit and how?

Jim Craven/Omahkohkiaayo i'poyi

James M. Craven
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