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steve heeren tzsche at shaw.ca
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sorry that i don't have much info about the pamphlet itself. The news 
item (from about 1999) only says that the pamphlet was written by a Utah 
criminology professor and Orrin Hatch recommended it. i suggest that you 
google the exact phrase i quoted and see what comes up. i did that 
myself just to check on its authenticity.

And then it says, (also mentioned were more traditional telltale signs 
such as staying out late all night [doing what???], needing more money, 
and showing interest in "the Ras Tafari religion")!!!!

steve heeren

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arnold bookman wrote:

>Do you have a cite for this pamphlet?
><<as for marijuana use in the US here is a real giveaway:  US Sen.
>Orrin Hatch (very rightwing Republican from Utah) recommended a parental
>pamphlet on marijuana use by kids, which identifies as warning signs of
>dope use:  "excessive preoccupation with social issues, race relations,
>environmental issues, etc."  no wonder weed use gets under their skin!
>steve heeren>>
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