[Marxism] conscription of non -Jews in Israel

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Tue Mar 8 00:51:03 MST 2005

For your information my friend Moshe Machover sent me this with the comment. 
Ted Crawford

Dear Friend,

An Israeli friend has sent me the following amazing document, which I would like to share with you.




Following is the translation of the attached Hebrew original - not a piece of Zionist satire but a genuine document issued by a general in the army,




Conscription of Non-Arab Christians

(Chief of Manpower Department, February 1986; Standing Order 43 01-02 - Conscription of Christians into Israel Defence Forces)

1) Procedure for conscripting Christians into the IDF:

2) For the purpose of the present order, a Christian is one who is a Christian according to Jewish Law, and is not an Arab by nationality.

3) A Christian who came to Israel as an `oleh [=Jewish immigrant to Israel -MM], or whose parents came to Israel as `olim [= plural of `oleh], will be conscripted to the IDF.

4) A Christian whose father is a Jew - will be conscripted to the IDF.

5) A Christian who is married to a Jewish woman - will be conscripted to the IDF.

6) A Christian who was married to a Jewish woman and divorced her, or was widowed, and who -

a. Has children from this marriage and the children are with him - will be conscripted to the IDF.

b. Has no children as above, or his children from this marriage are not with him - will be conscripted to the IDF only if his father is a Jew.

7) A Jew who converted to Christianity - will be conscripted to the IDF.

8) Compulsory conscription will not be imposed on other sorts of Christians, except such as have volunteered to be enlisted and their applications are accepted.

(Quoted from 'Hamishpat', an Israeli law periodical issued by the School of Law, Academic Track, The College of Administration, Issue 19, March 2005)

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