[Marxism] Christopher Hitchens and Isabel Allende

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Tue Mar 8 06:16:16 MST 2005

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> Rob,
> Not to be pedantic but, in your meaning, 'sinister communist politics' is
> not an oxymoron.  It is rather an example of a pleonasm (word redundancy),
> i.e., the use of two or more words which have the same meaning, which is the
> case when one equates 'sinister' (etymologically) and 'communist'
> (politically) with 'left'.
> An oxymoron is a combination of contradictory or incongrous words, e.g.,
> 'the little giant', 'her cruel kindness', 'the sinister Stalinist'.
> Mr Twitty

Or tautology, which is what I actually meant.  Which only goes to illustrate 
the golden rule.  If you want to be a smart arse, get it right.

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