[Marxism] Allard Lowenstein and Donald Rumsfeld

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Tue Mar 8 06:34:13 MST 2005

During his days in Congress, Rumsfeld struck up a close friendship with 
Allard Lowenstein–another example of Rumsfeld's eagerness to embrace, 
up to a point, someone bright from an opposing camp. Rumsfeld and 
Lowenstein met in the mid-1960s when Rumsfeld was a congressman and 
Lowenstein was a left-leaning activist and a backer of Robert Kennedy. 
"He almost lived with us," recalls Joyce. They debated politics until 
late into the night, with Lowenstein sometimes sleeping on their sofa. 
They grew so close Lowenstein was with the Rumsfelds when their son, 
Nick, was born in 1967. The following year, Rumsfeld stood beside 
Lowenstein when he won his House seat from Long Island. Both wrestlers, 
they frequented the House gym. When Lowenstein ran for re-election in 
1970, Rumsfeld–now at the OEO–publicly refuted charges by Lowenstein's 
Republican opponent that Lowenstein was a dangerous radical. But then 
Rumsfeld endorsed that very opponent. He knew that his boss, President 
Nixon, expected him to. "That's when you cease to be an independent 
operator," Rumsfeld explained. Lowenstein lost and–unlike others who 
felt betrayed by Rumsfeld–never forgave him. (Lowenstein was murdered 
in 1980 by a disturbed former disciple.)

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