[Marxism] Socialist tasks versus national tasks?

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Tue Mar 8 08:45:21 MST 2005

I don't think the quotes prove Louis' points at all.

Trotsky was laying out the relationship between what the Red Army was doing in 
1921 and *its* effects on the issue of self-determination in a very specific 

*Some* of this is dirvived from Permanent Revolution, a concept it seems most 
don't understand...that is the intermingling of 'socialist' and 'democratic' 
tasks, and the rejection of schematic and mechanistic approach to revolution, 
just the opposite of what people criticize PR for.

Throughout PR, the *emphsis* is NOT on socialist tasks, it's on *democratic* 
ones, in that the revolution cannot carry out the national tasks without 
eventually bringing the working class to power and elminating the political 
power of the so-called "national" bourgeois. The point is that an anti-
imperialist fight *starts* as democratic revolution and all that implies: 
united fronts, anti-imperialist alliances, and so on. Most Trotskyists, at 
least, do not understand this, and believe, as the critics of PR do, that PR 
demands agitation and mobilization around socialist tasks only. Nothing could 
be furhter from the truth, and this is a theme that runs throughout LT's 
writings on the subject.


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