[Marxism] Conclusion of comments on the "Taiwan nation"

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Tue Mar 8 11:23:37 MST 2005

I forgot to include my personal conclusion about Taiwan:

I believe "Taiwanese nationalism" and the "Taiwan nation" are destined
to be destroyed by the class struggle just as "Nationalist China" was
eventually defeated.  Weakening of US imperialism and the rise of China
will break it up, anti-imperialist gains in the region will break it up,
and internal divisions will break it up (not just overcome it, but
reveal its falsity).  Even the clear and universally recognized
restoration of capitalism in China, if this were to happen,  will tend
to break up the alleged "Taiwan" nation which is an organization for
defense against the Chinese revolution.

So, if we are going to concern ourselves with "nationalisms of the
oppressed," I think we should pay more attention to the truly oppressed,
although also "backward," Tibetans, and not waste our enthusiasm on the
reactionary struggle of the "Taiwan nation" against China. I am for
unification in this case, period, and opposed to the "nationalist"
resistance to it.
Fred Feldman

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