[Marxism] The Taiwan nation -- a recent and purely political artifact: a correction

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Tue Mar 8 11:37:21 MST 2005

I left an important qualification out of my comment on Tibet.  I
actually think the original Chinese intervention could be justified on
military-strategic grounds, linked to the support of the progressive
side in a struggle within Tibet. I should have written:

"Just a comment for Louis Proyect. I am glad you are taking another look
at Tibet.  Personally, I have thought since the brutal anti-religios and
anti-human Maoist attack on Tibet during the Cultural revolution (the
destruction of monateries and the settlements of Chinese -- not
necessarily Han by the way -- to counter the Tibetan population) that
self-determination (i.e.,
independence) was the inevitable goal of the national struggle after

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