[Marxism] Taiwan and Kuwait

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Tue Mar 8 13:36:28 MST 2005

I have to correct a sloppy error on my part, another one.  I said,
"Kuwaiti nationalism is established fact."  I meant to say Kuwait's
existence as an independent national state is an established and
recognized fact."  I have seen no evidence of Kuwaiti nationalism,
except perhaps among some opponents of the regime.  Kuwait does not
publicize a "nationalist ideology" as far as I know. I actually state
that as far as I know for a fact, there is no Kuwaiti nationalism.

But there is an internationally recognized Kuwaiti state, which has
never been part of Iraq, unlike Taiwan which was part of China both
before the Japanese conquest and after World War II, and before the
victory of the Chinese revolution.

In any case, the Taiwanese bourgeoisie (a dominant section of it) have
now forged a "nationalist" ideology to justify their existence
independent from China.  I believe this is a fraud but, of course, a
debatable one.
Fred Feldman

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