[Marxism] Taiwan and Kuwait

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Tue Mar 8 15:33:16 MST 2005

In making the argument for the claim of "counter-revolutionary" China to
Kuwait, I did not at all mean to offend or to start an argument with the
friends of the claim of "counter-revolutionary" Iraq to Kuwait.  Either
or both Michael or Richard argued that the case for Iraq in Kuwait is
much "stronger" than the claim of China to Taiwan.  I pointed out that
in the eyes of the world community of nations, this was absolutely not
true, and presented the facts of Taiwan's national status.

Goa was a colony of Britain when India invaded, at about the same time
that Kuwait became independent, and the great bulk of the world's
nations supported the occupation, and even Washington and Portugal made
only formal complaints.  Kuwait was already a formally independent state
recognized by the UN and had been for 28 years when Iraq invaded.

Every Iraqi government has claimed Kuwait, although some have also
signed documents guaranteeing its sovereignty.  But many countries have
unsatisfied claims.  A claim is not proof of ownership.  China's claim
is much, much stronger.

Of course, there are radical arguments of why Iraq has the right to
invade Kuwait whenever it wants, but these (right or wrong) have nothing
to do with the recognized law and relations of nations.  Sometimes
nations can violate these with impunity, and sometimes violations can
have progressive consequences. But that was not the issue in this
debate. The existing law and functioning of nations supports China's
claim, not Iraq's.

Someday there may be a fusion of Kuwait and Iraq or even a progressive
and successful invasion, but by no stretch of the imagination can
Kuwait's status as an independent nation be compared to Taiwan's, which
not only the world but even Taiwan has yet to recognize. Just as
radicals cannot simply make Kuwait part of Iraq by defending its claim,
radicals cannot invalidate the claim to Taiwan by transforming the
nation of China into "Great Han Chauvinism-land." 

This is not a debate about Kuwait, but about Taiwan.  It was Michael
and/or Richard who brought up Kuwait to demonstrate the feebleness of
China's claim to Taiwan.  Their assertion was completely wrong. aiw
Fred Feldman

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