[Marxism] Black Army Recruits Down 41% since 2000

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Tue Mar 8 19:16:04 MST 2005

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> "as its product offering"
> the military's product offering?  wtf?
> is it just me, or is the world both upside-down and backward?

Actually, "product offering" is a technical term in marketing/business 
admin/hr, with a slightly different meaning than the layman term.

It is much like say "value" is Marxism, which is different from what lay 
people understand as "value". It might sound funny, but it isn't, and it is 
actually a sign that the armed forces in the USA are adopting scientific 
methods in approaching its recruitment efforts, instead of the usual 
gung-hoism and "free money for college" approach.

"Product Offering" in this case reffers to all things than make someone 
decide to join the us armed forces.

The us armed forces have invested heavily in marketing/hr/media since the 
draft was substitued with the selective service, and in some cases, it is in 
the vanguard in developemnt in this field.

For example, the "America's Army" videogame is one of the first major 
marketing campaings that combines quantitative and qualitative focus 
grouping, brand recognition, merchandising, and the internet.

It would be similar to McDonald's giving away Big Macs for free between to 
young people between 10 and 18 years, and then telling them that if they 
want to continue to recieve them after 18, they must buy only from 
McDonald's and sign a contract that establishes that if they don't eat at 
McDonalds at least 3/4 of a year, tehn they would have to pay back the free 
Big Macs they got as young people.

Devious, but extremely smart.

In the us (and most modern) armed forces have long called weapons, "weapons 
systems", this is because when they buy, say, a rifle, they just don't buy 
the rifle but the whole logistical effort that surrounds a rifle, from 
training manuals to cleaning kits. Hence weapons systems require and 
incredibly complex R&D process, coupled with as complex deployment methods.

Recruitment was never given such a systematic approach, considered by many 
to be a "punishment" assignment.

Today it is one of the major weapon systems in their arsenal, and it is 
given careful, systematic attention.


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