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The Majority of Lebanese Want the Syrians to Stay: If Bush Has His Way, It 
Will Lead to Civil War
Sam Hamod, Ph.D.

March 7, 2005

Thanks to Mr. Bush’s meddling in Lebanon, and his financial support of the 
“opposition party” in Beirut, made up mainly of Falangist Maronites and a 
few dissident Druze, there may be a return to civil sectarian war.

What Mr. Bush and the U.S. media is not telling you, nor are the Falangists 
who are constantly being interviewed on American TV, is that the majority of 
Lebanese (who are Shi’a) want the Syrians to stay in Lebanon. They know the 
Syrians helped stop the disastrous civil war that wrecked Lebanon and they 
do not want a return to that sectarian strife.

The Syrian presence helped to mollify those, and to stop those, who wanted 
this internecine strife to begin again between the Maronites (who would be 
supported by Israel, again as in 1982), the Muslims (especially the Shi’a 
who are the majority of Lebanese), the Sunni, the Orthodox, the Catholics 
and the Druze.

The Shi’a, who live primarily in the South, do not want the Syrians to leave 
because this would open the door to another Israeli invasion or the Israeli 
support of a Maronite minority that wishes again to take over Lebanon (as 
the Gemeyal family did in the 1980s). This is complicated because the 
nominal leader of the Druze, Walid Jumblatt has been playing footsies with 
the Maronites of late and looking for more American cash for his political 
party; other Druze resent his new alliances and he is now under threat from 
even his own people and others. For his safety, and to possibly get a new 
pay-off, Jumblatt flew off to Saudi Arabia yesterday.

Interestingly, because they are under the influence of Washington and Bush, 
the Saudi government has joined in the chorus asking the Syrians to leave 
Lebanon. This is complicated because the Saudis also help fund the Syrian 
economy. This puts Basher Al Assad in a very difficult position; he knows if 
the gives in to the Americans that the will not stay in power very long, if 
he does not listen to the Saudis, they may cut off some of his funds (overt 
and covert). My bet is he will leave his troops in the Bek’aa and keep 
negotiating with Washington so as to avert an attack, and ask the Saudis to 
reconsider their overt position. None of know their covert position, but I 
feel they too are not happy with Bush dictating to Middle Eastern countries 
while at the same time excusing Israeli brutality in Palestine, a possible 
attack on Syria or Lebanon and other meddling in Iraq.

There is more going on under the curtain than on top; with Bush being the 
chief meddler in world affairs. Bush is up to his old tricks, making more 
enemies for America so that the can say, “We are in danger.” It’s true, we 
are in danger, but who put us there?
None other than King George and his neo-cons who would not understand 
another culture if it hit them in the face; but just think of it, plain 
Iraqi citizens are hitting us in the face and Bush still doesn’t get it, but 
our thousands of killed and wounded troops got it and understand this is a 
losing war in Iraq. It will be a losing war in Lebanon as well, for America 
and for Israel if they are not careful.

To add to this complicated situation, Hezbollah, which is a respected part 
of the Lebanese government, but is constantly under attack by Bush and his 
lying friends as being “a terrorist organization”—is now saying that they 
prefer the Syrians stay in Lebanon for the sake of national stability. In 
fact, the Hezbollah leaders, under Dr. Nasrullah, are calling for a 
pro-Syrian rally to counter those who want the Syrians out.

Up to now, Hezbollah has remained quiet, surveying the situation. When it 
became apparent that the Falangists running the demonstrations in Beirut 
were asking for more American and even Israeli help at the UN and in the 
Western media, Hezbollah decided it was time that the majority of Lebanese 
were heard from, the Shi’a. The Muslims are 70% of Lebanon, and the Shi’a 
the biggest Muslim group. Contrary to what the West says, the Muslims are 
more united than not; when push comes to shove, they will stand together.

We must also remember that the “opposition party” demonstrators had all 
their signs made in English—obviously playing to the American and Israeli 
audiences. One must ask how these people can stay home from work for days at 
a time, take to the streets—who is paying their bills, who is feeding them, 
who is providing them with toilet facilities—just who is supporting them 
with all this financial and political infrastructure. I am of the opinion, 
as are other Middle Eastern observers, that this is not a “spontaneous 
demonstration” at all, but a well-planned attempted at a putsch against the 
legitimate Lebanese government—orchestrated in Washington, DC and Tel Aviv.

I have heard from some sincere Lebanese professionals, themselves Muslims, 
that they want the Syrians out of Lebanon. I believe them, but I am not sure 
that the cost of removing the Syrians is worth what little they will gain in 
freedom or democracy. True, the Syrian secret service is not a good thing in 
Lebanon, but imagine if the Falangists took over again with Israeli help, or 
American torturers of the type that invented Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and 
other prisons in Uzbekistan. I say this would be much worse than the Syrians 
being in Lebanon—at least they don’t commit the kinds of atrocities our 
American government, assisted by Israel, does in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mark 
my word, if this new Falangist thrust succeeds, you will have civil war in 
Lebanon, and this will lead to terror for the whole region because Israel’s 
appetite for Lebanese hashish, water, electricity and rich farmland will be 
whetted and Israel will come in to devour southern Lebanon and Syria will 
have to be drawn into a war as well.

If the Falangists and their Israeli allies take over in Lebanon, you will 
have a civil war, with the Falangist/Israeli faction introducing Israeli 
torture techniques and brutality beyond what the Syrians may have done. Just 
ask the prisoners in Abu Ghraib and Guantanmo who suffered under the Israeli 
advising of the Americans in these prisons.

We must also remember that Israel is still licking its wounds from the 
defeat it took at the hands of Hezbollah, as is America when it was kicked 
out of Lebanon after helping the Falangists in their fight against the 
Shi’a. Israel and America want their revenge on Hezbollah; but Hezbollah was 
in the right, and Israel and America were in the wrong by supporting the 
Falangists (Fascists ala’ Franco of Spain). It would be ironic that an 
alleged “democratic” America would support a fascist Falangist overthrow of 
a democratically elected government in Lebanon—but it would not be the first 
time America did this. We did this in Phillipines, we did it in Grenada and 
we tried to do it in Venezuela. We have had a very poor “democratic” track 
record in the 20th and 21st centuries.

I am not for sectarian fighting, but it is Bush and Sharon who have joined 
with the Falangists to start this new round of sectarian problems—not the 
Shi’a, the Sunni, the Orthodox, the Catholics or most of the Druze.

I write this article with hopes that no civil war comes to Lebanon.
I too grieve over the death of Rafik Harriri. But, as his top man, Al Nasr, 
said in Beirut, “The Syrians did not kill Rafik Harriri.” But, the 
Falangists, Bush and the Israelis have dishonored Harriri’s death by using 
it to incite civil unrest and to tear down the democratically elected Karami 

If this civil war takes place, and I hope it doesn’t, then the deaths can be 
laid at the doorsteps of Bush and company, Sharon and company and the 
Falangists who used the death of Hariri (a Muslim man the Falangists hated) 
to spring their well-planned “spontaneous demonstrations.” Bush, the U.S. 
media and the Falangist editors (An Nahar) repeated their agreed upon mantra 
“we want the Syrians out of Lebanon”; the American public heard only one 
side of the story, not the voice of the majority population of Lebanon (the 
Shi’a) who want Syria to stay.

I fear, if Syria leaves Lebanon, a civil war will follow.

Dr. Sam Hamod is an expert on the Middle East; he has written extensively on 
Lebanon, the Shi’a of Lebanon and Iraq and on Israel under Sharon for 
various newspapers, ezines, websites and has appeared on TV and radio to 
bring out the truth of the region.
Before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, he predicted the U.S. would be mired down 
in Iraq, worse than in Viet Nam; it has all come to pass. His fears of a 
civil war in Lebanon are real, and supported by other experts such as Robert 
Fisk (UK) and members of the U.S. State Department (past and present). Dr. 
Hamod edits, www.todaysalternativenews.com .
He may be reached at shamod at cox.net

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