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BS> Every government of Iraq, at one time or another, has claimed that
BS> Kuwait was historically part of Iraq. There is much greater
BS> legitimacy to this claim than the Kurdish province of Iraq being
BS> party of Iraq.
BS> Kuwait exists as an independent nation only because of its relation
BS> with Great Britain. Britain's machinations against the "sick man of
BS> Europe" extends back to the middle of the 19th century. Britain's
BS> interest at the time was due to its extraordinary position on the
BS> Persian Gulf.

  Kuwait became a british protectorate in 1899, long before Britain  
and France conquered the Arab possessions of the Osman Empire,  
betraying the Arabs which believed in their promises and prevented a  
unified Arab state by establishing seperate British and French  
colonies, breaking up the "Fertile Crescent" from the Gulf till  
Palestine, the heart of the Arab nation[1].

  As far as I know, Kuwait was part of the Osman province Basra. The  
current Iraq was formed of the provinces (wilayat ?) Basra, Baghdad  
and Mossul.

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[1] see e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fertile_Crescent
and a map at

The map is linked from the above Wikipedia article.

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