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Documenting the Revolutionary Socialist Tradition in Canada
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February marked one hundred years since the formation of the Socialist 
Party of Canada, the first organization that was both Marxist and 
organized Canada-wide. To mark the anniversary, we have posted several 
manifestos and articles that illustrate the political views of this 
pioneering socialist current. (Thanks to the present Socialist Party of 
Canada for making these texts available.)

** 1910 Manifesto of the Socialist Party of Canada 

** Prefaces to the 1915 and 1920 editions of the SPC Manifesto, 
presenting the party's views on World War I, and on the Russian 

** A Socialist in the Alberta Legislature: an account of SPC member 
Charles O'Brien's participation in the Alberta provincial parliament in 

** Socialism and Unionism (1911): How the SPC viewed unions. 

** 1911 Manifesto of the Socialist Party of North America, the founding 
statement of a group that split away from the SPC in 1910. 

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