[Marxism] the politics of paranoia

Sologdin at aol.com Sologdin at aol.com
Wed Mar 9 16:35:57 MST 2005

curious.  conspiracism is a bizarre tag, it seems.

i can, after all, ridicule tinfoil-hat wearers who fear black helicopters and 
mind control rays coming from the HAARP project in one moment, and then start 
complaining about how the CIA killed JFK.

very bizarre.  but all that's tame compared to someone like david icke.  i 
heartily recommend (for both comedic value and its exemplary status) *the 
biggest secret*.

it's got--

pyramids (and the US dollar bill),
jewish bankers (rothschilds, etc),
charlemagne (and his US presidential "descendents"),
the merovingians (no conspiracy is complete without them),
crop circles,
death of princess di, and my favorite,
karl marx as an alien provocateur (!)--that commie stuff was all an alien 
ruse designed to distract our attention from the true alien threat (!!).

can't recall if it has the bohemian grove, but icke is fond of asserting that 
the rich are all pedophiliac, blood-drinking, satan-wirshippers.  

man, once you get through the meta-conspiracist text, then the CIA offing 
JFK, RFK, and MLK in a 5 year span doesn't seem too hokey any longer.

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