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The Impending Persian-American Conflict

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It is becoming apparent that bringing about regime change in Iran will
be a major foreign policy objective during Bush's next term. To
understand the Persian-American conflict, it is important to look at the
threat that Iran poses to American interests, the geopolitical
importance of Iran, and the history of America in Iranian affairs.
Understanding the context and background of this conflict allows one a
stronger foundation on which to mobilize against a potentially
devastating war.

*Iran's threat to American hegemony in the Middle East*

A military conflict between the United States and Iran seems to be
inevitable. Iran may, at some point in the near future, present a major
threat to US dominance in the Middle East. Rather than redefining its
foreign policy and being forced to limit its hegemony, the US government
will almost certainly attempt to destroy the threat and conquer Iran, if
it is given the chance.

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Seven Theses on the Anti-War Movement and Student Resistance

Asad Haider

THESIS ONE: The war on Iraq represents, among other things, a crisis in
education. It has been proven beyond a doubt that the war was waged on
false pretenses, that the consent for the ongoing imperial occupation
has been based on the inability of the American public to access real
and useful information. Often, when students are exposed to alternative
information in progressive classes their reaction is one of frustration.
They realize that our education has failed us: we have not been provided
with the intellectual resources to understand political questions within
the context of history, we have not been trained to practice the public
debate and civic engagement that are the necessary precondition of
democracy (as argued in Henry Giroux's writings,
http://www.henryagiroux.com). Instead, the academic-military-industrial
complex has trained us in the logic of empire, leaving us prey to the
invasion of our campuses by the empire's vultures: military recruiters
who promise to make up for the state's unwillingness to fund our education.

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Just A John? Pornography and Men's Choices

Robert Jensen

There has been much talk at this conference about the need for men to
love each other and be willing to speak openly about that love. That is
important; we need to be able to get beyond the all-too-common male
tendency to mute or deform our emotions, a tendency that is destructive
not only to ourselves but to those around us. Many this weekend have
spoken about our need to nurture each other, and that's important, too.
But it's also crucial to remember that loving one another means
challenging ourselves as well.

That's what I would like to do today, to challenge us -- in harsh
language -- on men's use of pornography. In an unjust world, those of us
with privilege must be harsh on ourselves, out of love.

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Thomas Unger

Forced into war
by need for green paper,
protecting a dream They long ago gave up on
a freedom They've never known and probably never will
a democracy not extending beyond old yellow papers

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