[Marxism] the politics of paranoia

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Wed Mar 9 20:13:47 MST 2005

Of course, not all "conspiracy theories" are created equal.

A conspiracy is just two or more persons plotting to do something that
will have an impact on you and your life without letting you know about
it.  It's done all the time.  The question's one of evidence.  Some
cases have such hard evidence that they're quit settled (at least for
me), an outstanding case being the rather well-documented "Slave Power
Conspiracy" of the 1850s.  Others offer varying degrees of
circumstantial evidence.  On the other hand, if the case turns on some
intangible form of spectral evidence, it's silly.

If anyone thinks the subject is marginal, just remember that decades of
American policies formed around the idea of countering the monolithic
international Communist conspiracy operating out of the Kremlin, the
hard evidence for which involved channeling the dead spirits of Karl
Marx and V.I. Lenin.  It might well have come from J. Edgar Hoover and
Harry Truman playing with a Ouija board. 

Mark L. 

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