[Marxism] conspiracy

Sologdin at aol.com Sologdin at aol.com
Wed Mar 9 21:25:47 MST 2005

"i'm afraid that what we *know* is exactly the opposite--that the
conspiracy was aimed at furthering "the designs of the US ruling class"
and that it succeeded completely in its purpose"

i *have* been curious what the list's position on 9/11 is.

i personally straddle the fence between the US = complicit and the US = 
collusive.  total orchestration, base incompetence, gross negligence, and heh an 
adequte, or even praiseworthy govt response (what the media grants it) seem way 
too farfetched.

www.cooperativeresearch.org is worthy of one's attention on this matter--look 
at the "complete 9/11 timeline", as is *the war on freedom* by nafeez 
mossadegh ahmed, btw.

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