[Marxism] Speech by Hezbollah leader at mass rally opposing imperialist interference

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Mar 10 10:30:08 MST 2005

This speech by a Hezbollah leader expresses some of the views that are
supposed to be muffled or silenced under the "democracy" demanded that
US imperialism is demanding in Lebanon.  The democracy that Bush
arrogantly mandates for Lebanon allows the free and untrammelled
expression only of the views of the US government, and a handful of
super-rich in the subject countries. 

The Palestinians, the Shia militants, the opponents of Israel are to
shut up or be shut up.  For them to express themselves freely is a
threat to the US-ordered "democracy." 

The mass mobilization Lebanon shows that it is the resistance and
opposition to the US plans for Lebanon, like  resistance and opposition
to the US occupation of Iraq, that is opening up democratic space for
the people of these countries to organize themselves for struggle.
Without such resistance and opposition, the end result of US
interventions and military occupations for "democracy" would only be
more repression and the smothering of the sentiments of the great
majority by an imperialist-organized "democratic consensus." 
Fred Feldman 

Fwd: Translation of Nasrallah's speech in Beirut] Mar 09, 2005 09:03 PST

"No-one can get Syria out of Lebanon" says Hezbollah leader at rally BBC
Monitoring Middle East. London: Mar 8, 2005 

Al-Manar Television, Beirut, in Arabic 1438 8 Mar 05 

"Long live Al-Asad's Syria," declared Hezbollah Secretary- General Hasan
Nasrallah in a speech at a pro-Syria rally in Beirut on 8 March. He told
the demonstrators: "Today you are answering the world" and asked whether
it was possible that all those people present could be members of
"Syrian and Lebanese intelligence". He stressed that Syria's presence in
Lebanon was in people's "souls, minds and hearts", rather than a
military presence, stressing that "no-one" could get Syria out of
Lebanon. Nasrallah warned the US to keep its "fingers of sedition away"
and told the French president to recognize that the Lebanese people
wanted to maintain their "historic and special ties" with Syria. The
following is the text of a speech by Nasrallah to Beirut rally;
broadcast by Lebanese Hezbollah TV Al-Manar on 8 March; subheadings
inserted editorially: 

"You, today, are answering the world" ....

"Beirut was destroyed by Sharon" 

Sisters and brothers, we are gathering her today to achieve the goals we
announced at the news conference. Foremost of these goals is to extend
our thanks to [former President] Hafiz al-Asad's Syria, [current
President] Bashar al-Asad's Syria, the steadfast Syrian people and the
resisting Syrian Army, which has always been with us in all the years of
defence and resistance. We are gathering here today to remind the world,
as well as our partners in the homeland, that this square, in which we
are gathering now and the Al-Shuhada Square were destroyed by Israel and
civil wars. They, however, were unified, protected and secured by Syria
and the blood of its officers and soldiers. Beirut was destroyed by
[then Defence Minister Ariel] Sharon and protected by Hafiz al-Asad. 

"No-one can get Syria out of Lebanon" 

The Lebanese people do not show ingratitude to others. If some people
chose to show their ingratitude to Syria, they did not behave in
accordance with the Lebanese people's manners. As President Bashar
al-Asad said, we say to Syria that your presence in Lebanon is not a
military presence; you have always been present in our souls, minds and
hearts in the past, present and future. [Words indistinct]. No-one can
get Syria out of Lebanon or out of Lebanon's mind, heart and future. 

Second, we are here to support the outcome of the Higher Syrian-
Lebanese Council, which held a meeting yesterday. We assert that the
organization of any Syrian presence in or withdrawal from Lebanon should
only be based on the Al-Ta'if Accord [1989 agreement on sharing of power
at the end of the civil war]. We have gathered here to tell the world
that we reject Resolution 1559. If the opposition agrees that the
organization of any Syrian presence in or withdrawal from Lebanon should
only be based on the Al-Ta'if Accord, then we are in agreement. However,
we say to those who insist on implementing Resolution 1559 that we sense
in your insistence a relinquishment of the Al-Ta'if Accord and all its
terms. It means the relinquishment of the national consensus and the
blood and directives of martyr leader Rafiq al-Hariri [applause]. It
means the relinquishment of the foundations on which Lebanon was built
after the destructive civil war. We stress that only the Al-Ta'if
accord, the will of the Lebanese and Syrian governments and the
interests of Syria and Lebanon should govern the issue of the Syrian
military presence, not international pressure and dictates or the
offering of rewards to Israel. 

"Martyrdom and assassination of leader Al-Hariri" 

Third, we, who are gathering here, reiterate our condemnation of the
heinous crime that led to the martyrdom of leader Rafiq al- Hariri,
along with his companions and other citizens. We offer condolences to
his family and clan. We say: All of us want to find the truth because if
the truth is found, we will safeguard Lebanon and Syria. If the truth is
found, the biggest weapon for sedition will fall and this will bring
comfort to the hearts of everyone....

Fourth, regarding the political predicament and the internal political
ordeal, the only objective and reasonable way out is the following: 1.
The parliamentary consultations should take place tomorrow in a
responsible way. One of the main figures should be nominated and
entrusted with the task of forming a new government. In the name of the
Lebanese parties and forces, we call on the designated prime minister to
form a national coalition government, a national accord government. If
the opposition rejects this, I say frankly that there is no meaning for
a neutral government.... 

"Syria will support everything we agree on" 

Dear brothers: If we hold deliberations and discussions, then I reassure
you that Syria will support everything we agree on and will back all
what we are unanimous on. Syria is the one that has always wanted what
is good for Lebanon. 

Dear brothers and sisters: I repeat that we are here to reject
Resolution 1559 and to defend the resistance, the choice of resistance,
the work of the resistance and the weapons of the resistance. Let us
reject the settlement [of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon], not out of a
racist position, God forbid - our brothers who are residents or refugees
in Lebanon are our people and our beloved ones - but, we reject the
settlement [of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon] in return for the
alternative, which is for the Palestinians to return to their towns,
homes and fields. The settlement of Palestinians is a service and a
reward to Israel. We are gathering here to protect the state project and
civil peace and to prevent any form of chaos. I tell you that some
wagered today on chaos and unusual acts. I say again that security,
peace and stability in Lebanon is our joint responsibility and interest
and a red line that should not be crossed by anyone. 

"Lebanon is not Somalia" 

I must say a few words: A word to our partners in the homeland: Join us
in dialogue. 

A word to those inside and outside: Lebanon is a unique case. Lebanon is
not Somalia, if you are thinking of military intervention. Lebanon is
not the Ukraine or Georgia. Lebanon is Lebanon - a unique case in this

Those who believe that they can cause the collapse of the state, order,
security, stability and Lebanon's strategic options in its relations,
positions and views through a few demonstrations, slogans and through
the media are suspect and mistaken. 

Lebanon is the country that cannot be built except by the cooperation of
the Lebanese, their agreement, their dialogue and their encounters.
[Barring this], such an undertaking is impossible. I am speaking to you
frankly. Nobody can force his option on others, either through words, or
even through arms. If this country stops to have encounters, dialogue
and accord, it will be lost and if it is lost, everybody is lost. This
is the first remark that I make to our partners in the homeland.... 

"Death to Israel" 

To the enemy which is lying in wait along our borders and is still
occupying our land and imprisoning our brothers - Samir Qintar, Yahya
Skaf and Nasim Nasr - as well as the Syrian, Jordanian and Palestinian
prisoners, we say and will keep saying: You have no place or life among
us. Death to Israel. [Applause: demonstrators chant the slogan] 

Brothers and sisters: We will end our gathering here. We will not hold a
fixed gathering to preoccupy the world with it everyday [applause]. We
will not [pauses] please let me finish. We will not hold a fixed or a
semi-mobile gathering to preoccupy the world with it every day and to
come to it with a fixed group of people [reference to the rally held by
the Lebanese opposition at Al- Shuhada Square]. Our movement does not
end here, but starts from here. Every two or three days, there will be a
popular gathering in one of Lebanon's cities [applause]. I am not saying
that the people of the south will travel to the north. No, the movements
I am talking about are for the people of each region only, so that we
will not cram other areas and obstruct the businesses of the Lebanese.
The next gathering will be in the city of giving, Tripoli, on Friday [11
March] [applause]. On Sunday, the gathering will be in the city of
martyrs, Al-Nabatiyah [applause]. The next dates will be announced
through the committee set up by the meeting of the Lebanese parties and
forces. Again, thank you, faithful ones, people of sacrifices, good
ones. Long live you. Long live Lebanon. Long live the resistance and
long live Syria. May God's peace and blessings be upon you [applause]. 

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