[Marxism] the politics of paranoia

steve heeren tzsche at shaw.ca
Thu Mar 10 11:03:45 MST 2005


i don't know what your academic background is, but i think you are wrong 
about this. "recovered memory" (not repressed memory), with some REMOTE 
connections to psychoanalysis,  was more or less a creation of the new 
"feminist" therapies of the 1970's, most of them decidedly not Freudian, 
and, for many of them, the main enemy was men, as fathers, lovers, 
potential rapists, etc. I really defy you to show me a "liberal feminist 
psychoanalyst" who propagated this "recovered memory" crap. I think Ofra 
Bikel did an eyeopening documentary on this 10-12 years ago.

steve heeren

yoshie wrote:

> In the case of moral panics about child abuse, ritual abuse, etc., 
> liberal feminist psychoanalysts, who developed the theory of 
> "repressed memory" recovered through hypnosis and leading questions, 
> are as much to blame as the Christian Right.

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