[Marxism] conspiracy

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Mar 10 12:58:27 MST 2005

The difference between 9/11 and the JFK killing is primarily the scope
of sources.  On the latter, there's a very broad spectrum of sources
proving little in themselves but raising very substantive questions
about the official version when you put them together.

On 9/11, everything we know is almost entirely filtered through official
channels.  The only thing a conspiracy thesis actually hangs on is
skepticism about that.  There was that filmclip allegedly showing a
missile rather than a jet hitting the Pentagon, but it always looked too
blurry for me to see anything and there was a missing plane with all the
passengers on it missing, so....

In the end, unless there's something substantive to share on this, it's
all groundless speculation, isn't it?  Unless maybwe we could
hyptonotice someone who was in New York and retrieve a recovered
memory...  Louis?  Les? :-)

Mark L.

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