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Thu Mar 10 16:56:51 MST 2005

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> In the end, unless there's something substantive to share on this, it's
> all groundless speculation, isn't it?

Is there anything substantive on the JFK case?

Now, let me do a bit of oral history:

On 9/11/2001 I was in federal jail, serving a short sentence for trespassing 
into a Navy base in Vieques.

The day before one of my comrades (from my organization, from my committe) 
was found guilty of a felony charge of assault on a military officer, during 
an anti-military confrontation in the UPR. So the mood was gloomy among us.

We were also waiting for news on a flash strike planned as a result of the 
guilty veredict, which we expect to cause some trouble.

At around 800am I went outside to the closed in "yard", with a pulp novel (I 
think one on the US special forces) and cigarettes. After a while my 
cellmate, also from my org, comes and tells me that a plane had crashed into 
one of the buildings.

I said "wow" and continued reading. A crash however spectacular, was nothing 
compared to what I had in my mind at the moment. Then came the second plane, 
and I went back inside to watch tv. The tvs were set on CNN, Fox News, ABC 
News, and MSNBC. I might be mistaken, but one was set on the BBC for the 
west indians.

Now, we started speculating. Was it the Chileans? Naw, we thought, they are 
not prone to suicide stuff, and they would have done something on the 30th 
anniversary in any case. Then I mentioned that the DFLP had done some air 
stuff with ultralights, and they had Syrian-trained pilots. But again, the 
DFLP is not prone for the suicide stuff.

Then the news started chanting "Usama", "Osama", "Ushama", "Benladen", "Ben 
Laden", "Ben Ladin", "Benladin", "Binladen" "Bin Laden"...

Immediately one of us, an older man, said: "If it was him, it was the CIA".

I didn't pay much attention then. But it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to 
see the truth in that, a truth more and more evident with the events that 
have happened since, in particular the non-capture of Usama ben Ladin.

But my one single memory is seeing a huge fire in the Washington Mall, with 
the comments speculating as to what was it, and the "news ticket" saying 
there had been car bombs in the Dept of State and the FBI building. I have 
not seen a single re-mentioning of those two things (obviously, the bombs 
didn't happen, but I saw the fire with my eyes), and not even an explanation 
during that day.

Why? Why were news organizations informed that car bombs had gone off when 
none had? What was that fire?

Anyone else remember this fire? Am I crazy?

And of course, the glaringly obvious questions, some raised in Farenheit 
911, as to how the Ben Ladin family was extracted out of the USA when even 
air ambulances couldn't fly.


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