[Marxism] Conspiracy-mongering

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Mar 10 17:08:21 MST 2005

Let's try and change the subject. The problem with all this stuff about 
JFK, 9/11, etc. is that it doesn't lend itself to a Marxist analysis. We 
had a conspiracy-theorist named Jared Israel here for a while and we had 
nothing but empty speculation from his quarters. (Nowadays he is a Likudist.)

Marxism has to base itself on rather boring data, such as land tenure, 
income differentiation, profit rates, etc. Every time I go back to Lenin's 
study of agrarian capitalism in Czarist Russia, I come away all the more 
impressed with his rigor and his concreteness.

Nobody can verify plots between al-Qaeda and the CIA. Some day when we 
overthrow the capitalist system, we'll open up the secret FBI and CIA files 
and get to the bottom of such things. In the meantime we are better off 
trying to figure out how to unionize Walmart, how to gauge the situation in 
Lebanon, what demands to raise in the antiwar movement, etc.

Louis Proyect
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