[Marxism] Conspiracy-mongering

davidquarter at sympatico.ca davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Thu Mar 10 19:21:14 MST 2005

On 10 Mar 2005 at 20:21, Sologdin at aol.com wrote:

> "Jared Israel here for a while and we had nothing but empty speculation from 
> his quarters"
> jared "emperor's new clothes" israel?  some of that guy's  work ain't too 
> bad.  it's not like he's doing jeff rense UFO-type stuff.

  Some of his materials on the NATO and media's villification of 
Yugoslavia/Milosevic was/is first rate. Where he went all awol is when he started 
discussing the middle east. The guy is a rabid zionist (albeit of different quality than 
your usual) which is probably in the end what a lot of his ramblings about "muslim 
fanatism" was motivated by. Still, some of it, as it pertains to balkans at least, was 
IMO true. 

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