[Marxism] Re: conspiracies (Response to Alan Bickle)

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Mar 10 22:41:59 MST 2005

Mark L. wrote:
I had several long conversations on this with the two SWPers in
Houston--Fred and Laura Brodie.  (For all I know, Louis, Cheri or Jerry
had similar conversations with them.)  I had to ask them about it to get
them going, but they were absolutely convinced at the time that Oswald
was a government agent.  He just didn't know anything that would make
one an advocate of fair play with Cuba.  And when he tried to talk about
Marx or socialism, it waqs like something rehearsed from the CIA
factbook.  This actually confirms documentary evidence that Oswald was
working as an FBI informant at the time. 

Fred comments:
Sometime in 1964 the Nation published an article  by Harold Feldman
entitled "Oswald and the FBI" that collects some of the evidence of

Oswald's Fair Play work in New Orleans was totally isolated and there is
some evidence that he had connections to anti-Cuba individuals. However,
this was the basis on which he asked to become a member of the YSA as an
at-larger.  Fortunately, the YSA did not have at large membership at
that time and his application was rejected.  Also people thought his
letters were fishy.

Then of course he seems to have had himself photographed successively
holding a gun in one hand and copies of the CP's Worker, The Militant,
and Worker's World. Why did he leave out Progressive Labor and Workers'
Vanguard? Too sectarian? 

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