[Marxism] re: On 9/11 (was Re: conspiracy)

davidquarter at sympatico.ca davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Fri Mar 11 01:38:02 MST 2005

On 10 Mar 2005 at 22:46, Mark Lause wrote:

> davidquarter at sympatico.ca wrote "that doesn't eliminate the possibility
> that the U.S. administration knew about an impending attack and didn't
> act to prevent it, or even, given the benefits it would provide them in
> the foreign policy arena (which wasn't hard to predict), helped
> (encouraged?) the attackers along, via the CIA.  That doesn't in my mind
> make it a 
> conspiracy theory, it makes it a really plausible theory..."
> Actually, it doesn't eliminate the possibility that ritual Satanic child
> abusers did it...or aliens...or members of Marxmail.  Rather
> predictably, this discussion has led us pretty quickly to the assertion
> of belief being whatever can't be disproved.  
> Solidarity!
> Mark L.

Yes, this is  obviously the work of ritual Satanic child abusers and aliens... You 
never cease to annoy...

 I was responding to Junaid remarks ( stated on many occasions at Marxmail)  that 
since there is a lot of people around the world (but *particularly Arabs) with
a gripe against the  U.S., this automatically makes the U.S. (CIA-role) theory 
unfounded/implausible. In terms of what we know from info.available, at the very 
least, Bush and company (the secret service) was aware of an impending attack. On 
the day of the attack, there was none of the usual precautions/preparation taken 
against airline highjackings.
And then after it occured,  the white house went to some trouble to protect individuals,
 agencies (e.g., the Pakistani secret service) 
connected to the  attackers. Junaid refuses to even* consider* this (or any info. ) 
pointing to a U.S. role, since, in his words:

>>>>the primary problem with conspiracy theories about 9-11 is that - 
somewhat ironically -  they deny the primacy of human agency. I don't 
think an intricate CIA plot was necessary for the attack to have 
happened for a very simple reason: a few hundred thousand dead Arabs is 
more than enough impetus for some of them to have wanted to exact 
revenge. That was the political calculus of bin Ladenism - we cannot hit 
the tyrannies locally, so let us attack the paymaster directly. The 
anger was channelled at the source: America.>>>>

In the words,  Junaid is  hesitant about his position -- "I don't think" -- yet persists to 
dismiss the  "conspiracy" claims about 9-11  that, in his convoluted reasoning, deny 
the primacy of human agency (?).

Not that 9-11 changed my opinion of the U.S., since what's 3000 or so dead in the 
grand scheme of U.S. foreign policy? But it's worth pointing out the hole in Junaid's 



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