[Marxism] The Communist Party of Colombia and FARC

Lance Murdoch lancemurdoch at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 14:29:53 MST 2005

I've just been reading up on the Communist Party of Colombia and FARC
so as to do some non-Wikipedia wiki encyclopedia articles on them.  My
main source on the history of El Partido Comunista Colombiano was the
3rd edition of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia.  As far as FARC, I
learned about them from a book called "War in Colombia" by the
International Action Center, as well as from the web, including web
pages by their supporters ( http://www.farcep.org ).

I'm curious what the relationship between the PCC and FARC was since
the 1960's, if anyone knows.  From what I gathered, FARC basically
started as Marulanda and his cousins fighting conservative gangs in
the countryside since "La Violencia" began in 1948, with the group
really coming together in 1964 when the Colombian armed forces went
into Tolima.  It seems that Jacobo Arenas was something of a communist
guide for Marulanda in the early years, who was more focused on
military tactics and strategies.  Arenas was probably a PCC member
before 1964, and maybe even before 1948, I'm not sure about Marulanda,
or if he ever was even in the PCC.  The PCC seemed to have a favorable
outlook of FARC and the idea of FARC operating in the countryside from
the mid-1960s on, and there seems to have been a strong relationship
between FARC and the PCC.

In the 1980's, the FARC, after the Uribe accords, supported the
Patriotic Union coalition which contained the PCC.  Of course, while
FARC kept to its ceasefire, the Patriotic Union candidates and
supporters were massacred - and that, combined with the changes going
on with the USSR, seems to have practically destroyed the PCC.

In 2000, the Bolivarian Movement for the New Colombia was launched by
FARC while they were in negotiations with the Colombian government. 
Having learned from the Patriotic Union experience,  members of this
political movement operate clandestinely.

Anyhow, I'm curious about the PCC relationship with FARC over the
years and any interesting tidbits and details.  Most of the
interesting things I learned were about the Patriotic Union period,
where FARC attempted to work politically and peacefully (and were
slaughtered for it), as well as the 1996-1997 period, where the
largest ever military offensive by the FARC combined with widespread
protests and strikes by peasants and urban workers began making the
Colombian (and American) bourgeoisie worry, two years after which
Clinton would sign Plan Colombia into effect.

The wiki encyclopedia articles I did are at:


(they're also at http://www.infoshop/org/wiki , although without pictures).

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