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>I'm bad. Sorry. The previous address was to the James Burnham Archive. 
>Here is the correct URL for the Braverman archive:

I am extremely pleased to see this. Harry Braverman was the co-editor with 
Bert Cochran of the American Socialist magazine, which ran from 1955 to 
1960. These were leaders of the Trotskyist movement who tried to create an 
alternative to sectarianism but were ahead of their time. The late 1950s 
were not propitious for the launching of new left formations, sectarian or 

After the magazine collapsed, Braverman went to work for MR magazine where 
he wrote "Labor and Monopoly Capital". I want to highlight one of the newly 
archived articles that Einde added, namely The Jackson Period in American 
History (December 1946). It is at:


It contains the observation that "it has not been difficult to demonstrate 
the class base of Jacksonianism. It was the political arm of the 
slaveholders. This was its decisive character. Remaining to be accounted 
for are the specific configurations of the Jacksonian regime that 
distinguish it from earlier and later forms of planter rule. For the 
Democratic Party of Jackson's day reflected an enormous popular ferment 
that existed at this time in American national politics. This period became 
a turning point in the development of the techniques of class rule in the 
United States."

This is a much-needed antidote to Arthur Schlesinger Jr.'s view of Andrew 
Jackson as some kind of democratic man of the people. It also supports an 
argument that I've made here in the past with respect to the Kerry 
campaign, namely that the Democratic Party was the party of slavery and 
racism at its inception.

For more of Braverman's articles, go to the American Socialist archives on 
MIA at:


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