[Marxism] More conspiracy theories: Europeans Investigate CIA Role in Abductions PART 1

davidquarter at sympatico.ca davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 13 15:13:36 MST 2005

On 13 Mar 2005 at 16:13, Louis Proyect wrote:

> David O. Quarter wrote:
> >The Bush administration has received backing for renditions from 
> >governments that
> >have been criticized for their human rights records, including Egypt, 
> >Jordan and
> >Pakistan, where many of the suspects are taken for interrogation. But the
> >administration is getting a much different reception in Europe, where 
> >lawmakers and
> >prosecutors are questioning whether the practice is a blatant violation of 
> >local
> >sovereignty and human rights.
> What does this have to do with conspiracy theory? The policy of sending 
> prisoners off to such countries where they may be tortured or killed is 
> common knowledge. This is not a "conspiracy". It is violation of due 
> process openly defended by White House officials. It is no more of a 
> conspiracy than sending the Rosenbergs to the chair.

 Duh...Yes, I aware of this...It's called: sarcasm...

> 9/11 is an entirely different story. It has spawned endless speculation 
> utterly detached from empirical observation. There have been claims that 
> Israeli employees left the WTC en masse just before the attack as if they 
> had been tipped off. There have been claims that no airplane was seen 
> flying into the Pentagon, which leaves open the question of whether there 
> had actually been a scheduled flight that day or even a hijacking. There 
> have been claims that the fall of the towers assumes the dynamics of 
> buildings being dynamited. There have been claims that currency speculation 
> of a very unusual sort took place in the day before 9/11.>>>>

 Nice of you to pick the most farfetched ideas attributed to 9-11 conspiracy theorists. 
Makes for easy shadow boxing. 

> I consider all this to be idle speculation of ZERO interest to Marxists, 
> although for some people it might have the entertainment value of the 
> X-Files TV show.

I rest my case...

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